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Redda Group,

it’s in the name.

Redd·a (እርዳታ) /ˈredə/ Verb- To help; to be a source of support.

Our name stems from the Amharic word meaning “to help’’. That’s why we are a business striving to be a catalyst for positive change. We're a source of support to people and organizations, empowering them to achieve their highest potential and fostering environments where respect, value, and innovation thrive.

And our passion? Unlocking your leadership superpower.



To shape the world, one leader at a time.

Our mission revolves around propelling organizations to thrive by maximizing the potential of their greatest asset: their people. We partner with companies to cultivate diverse, high-performing teams and transformative cultures built on a foundation of continuous growth.



To become a trusted partner our clients rely on to build transformative leadership team and cultures, while serving as lifelong allies to our executive talents.

Whether it’s executive search, leadership evaluation and growth, team, and organizational performance, we’re here to shape organizational culture and deliver transformative results.

The Redda Difference

Never Settle For Less

Redda Group acts as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration so organizations can stay ahead. We partner to not only equip leaders to master today’s complex challenges but also anticipate the changing landscape of tomorrow.

Seasoned Expertise

With 25 years of leadership experience, we understand the challenges of juggling countless responsibilities and making tough decisions. Our Executive Advisors provide the wisdom and guidance to help you lead with clarity and confidence.

Measurable Impact

Our services are designed to deliver tangible results that directly impact your bottom line. We increase organizational capacity on average by 30%, drive leadership parity to enhance organizational performance, and positively influence EBITDA and overall growth.

Holistic Transformation

We take a comprehensive approach to business transformation, focusing on three key areas: people, learning and development, and organizational structures and processes to drive bottom-line performance and sustainable growth.

Big Firm Reach, Small Firm Attention

With a Managing Partner assigned to every project, you receive personalized attention and agility, coupled with the extensive reach and resources of a larger organization.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you're a start-up, multi-billion dollar organization, non profit, or federal/local agency, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs and budget to deliver impactful results that propel your organization forward.

Executive Talent Management

We provide end-to-end support from hiring, managing, and retaining your leadership team. Our expertise ensures you have the right people in the right roles to drive your organization's success.

Client-Centric Innovation

We prioritize client success by offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to unique needs.

Cultural and Diversity Leadership

We build diverse and inclusive teams that reflect the world around us while offering tools for you to create an equitable environment for your team.

Empathy and Authenticity

Our empathetic and authentic approach fosters genuine connections and effective partnerships.

Balance and Well-Being

We promote practices that support a healthy work-life harmony, enhancing resilience and productivity.

Commitment to Excellence

We ensure excellence in service delivery by continuously exceeding expectations with a 98% fill rate.

Sustainable Success

Our approach to talent placement ensures long-term, sustainable success for clients.

Accountability and Transparency

Our culture of accountability and transparency builds trust and reliability for clients.

Personal and Professional Growth

We champion personal development and self-improvement as key to collective success.

Purpose-Driven Approach

We’re committed to transformative leadership and its broader societal impact.

Holistic Services

We provide a one-stop solution for clients aiming for transformative growth.

Social Impact

A significant portion of earnings is allocated to meaningful causes. We’re dedicated to making a tangible difference in society.

Global Impact with Local Insight

While committed to making a global impact, our strategies are informed by local insights, allowing nuanced and effective solutions across different regions.

The Redda Difference

Never Settle For Less

Redda Group acts as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration so organizations can stay ahead. We partner to not only equip leaders to master today’s complex challenges but also anticipate the changing landscape of tomorrow.

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Our Values

What We Stand By

Integrity &

We uphold the highest ethical standards and continuously improve to surpass expectations.

Client Focus
& Innovation

Our primary goal is to achieve client success through embracing innovation and cutting-edge solutions.

Own the

We take responsibility for our outcomes and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Eliminate Bias
& Inequality

We're uniquely positioned to dismantle barriers, eradicate bias, and champion opportunity within high-level organizations through our practices and policies.

Search for

We’re dedicated to creating positive change in the world, channeling a portion of our earnings into life-changing causes.

Balance and Well-Being

We prioritize balance between professional and personal life as fundamental to our well-being. 

Social Impact Programs

Search For Purpose

Purpose extends beyond profit. Our search for purpose directs a portion of proceeds to initiatives uplifting communities, championing equity, and empowering purpose-driven leaders to create positive change worldwide.

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Talk To Us

How Can Redda Group Help You?

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