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Our Services


Expertise Where and

When You Need It

Whether you require short-term oversight to ensure continuity or specialists equipped to spearhead transformational projects, our agile talent solutions deliver. TalentNOW offers streamlined access to a robust marketplace of elite interim executives, consultants, and subject matter experts, each with a wealth of industry and functional knowledge at your disposal.

Interim Executive

Our interim executives bring strategic acumen and hands-on experience from leading organizations to your immediate challenges. 

Project-Focused Talent Teams

For critical times of change and development, our on-demand specialists are ready to step in to steer initiatives around innovation, transformation, expansion, and pivotal shifts.

and Industry Experts

Augment your team with our top-tier management consultants, subject matter experts, and seasoned program managers. Infuse fresh perspectives, specialized insights, and turnkey solutions.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Scale your workforce swiftly as we become your strategic ally in hiring. From sourcing, screening, to onboarding, we handle it all, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Leadership structures steer the course for success or failure. Our Executive Advisory Services bolster proven frameworks and strategies that will get your team to peak performance.


Organizations must keep transforming to stay competitive in the everchanging world. Our Executive Advisory Services empower you to scale and evolve while achieving operational excellence.

Our Way

The Redda Process

Our unwavering commitment to leadership excellence and enduring success sets us apart in executive search. 

Tailored Executive Search: We believe in a customized fit, aligning candidates based on role needs and each client’s unique culture and strategic vision.

Guaranteed Success: Our confidence in our rigorous process is reflected in our 98% fill ratio and comprehensive one-year guarantee.

Commitment to DEI: Our executive search methodology embeds diversity, equity and inclusion principles for expanded access to exceptional talent.

Define Strategic Objectives
and Role Specifications:

We conduct meeting with key stakeholders to capture the objective and expected outcomes, then develop detailed role specification that outlines responsibilities, experience, and challenges of the role.

Execute Targeted Search
and Outreach: 

We employ multiple approaches from direct, network leverages, and utilization of digital tools in order to find the best talent while maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.

Due Diligence and
Candidate Engagement:

In the hiring process, we conduct comprehensive reference checks, background investigations, and personality assessments is vital to ensure a candidate’s fit and integrity. 

Onboarding and
Integration Support:

We develop a comprehensive onboarding plan that facilitates the successful integration of the next executive, emphasizing strategic priority and cultural immersion.

The Redda Difference

Never Settle For Less

Redda Group is committed to offering streamlined access to a curated pool of exceptional interim leaders and independent experts who will drive your organization forward. Whether it's leading your organizations through immediate challenges or just needing a fresh perspective, we have flexible talent solutions you need to excel in a competitive landscape.

Commitment to Excellence

We ensure excellence in service delivery by continuously exceeding expectations with a 98% fill rate.

Sustainable Success

Our approach to leadership placement ensures long-term, sustainable success for clients with our six month guarantee.

Accountability and Transparency

Our culture of accountability and transparency builds trust and reliability for clients.

Empathy and Authenticity

Leading with empathy and authenticity, Redda Group fosters genuine connections and understanding, creating more effective partnerships and outcomes.

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Working with Redda Group on our executive search was a transformative experience. They have an exceptional ability to identify and attract top talent that aligns with our strategic goals. The impact of their work on our organization’s success cannot be overstated.

SVP, HR, National Non-Profit

Who we work with

Our commitment to
excellence is reflected in
in the industry leaders
who partner with us.

We have proudly powered companies at the forefront of innovation, turning market shapers into market makers. Our team of industry specialists is adept at navigating the unique challenges and opportunities within various sectors.

With Redda Group, your industry’s challenges become our focus, and your goals become our mission. 

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Work with Our Team and Access On-Demand Strategic Talent Now

Whether you need to streamline a process, spark a turnaround, or stay ahead of trends, our dynamic talent network offers senior-level capabilities without the headaches of a long-term hire.

Fill in the form and let’s make it happen.

Office: +1 (301)-825-9255
Address: 11810 Grand Park Ave, Suite 500

North Bethesda, MD 20852 

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