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Managing Partner, Learning and Development

Luka Schellenbach, in their role as Managing Partner of Learning and Development, boasts more than two decades of experience in driving business transformation, spearheading strategic change initiatives, overseeing talent delivery, and enhancing employee learning and development. With a demonstrated history of success, they excel in formulating and executing visions, setting directions, and achieving goals for intricate and large-scale projects that involve numerous stakeholders and cross-functional teams. They have assisted many executives in cultivating environments that prioritize continuous learning, transparency, and effective communication. Schellenbach firmly believes that progress is not a finite achievement but an ongoing journey of growth and adaptation, propelled by innovations in organizational development and technology.


In their latest position as Senior Vice President of Business Transformation at Creative Circle, Schellenbach orchestrated the successful migration from a legacy system to an integrated software suite, along with accompanying transformations in business practices. Additionally, they spearheaded the establishment of a comprehensive Learning and Development (L&D) framework encompassing sales, recruitment, management, communication, change management, and beyond. They are dedicated to fostering and maintaining a culture of engagement, collaboration, and innovation, while empowering employees to unlock their maximum potential in all types of business and community organizations.


Schellenbach is also a member of Vox Femina Los Angeles, a vocal ensemble dedicated to "giving voice to women" and advocating for new compositions that address issues impacting women. Their mission involves raising awareness about challenges faced by women and fostering a sense of unity among them. Through the power of music, they strive to build a world that values and respects the dignity of every individual.

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