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Eliana Hassen Featured on "To Lead is Human" with Sharon Richmond

Eliana Hassen recently joined Sharon Richmond on the "To Lead is Human" podcast. In this thought-provoking episode, Eliana shares her leadership journey, the challenges she's faced as a female executive in the professional services industry, and her vision for empowering diverse talent.

Eliana's passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) shines through as she discusses the transformative culture she is establishing at Redda Group. Eliana emphasizes the importance of exploring diverse perspectives and how this enriches both personal and professional life. Her dedication to DEI has earned her recognition as one of the "Best CEOs for Women" and a spot among the "Top 5 Staffing Leaders to Watch."

Throughout the episode, Eliana also delves into navigating critical transformations, the significance of work-life balance, and the leadership lessons that have shaped her remarkable career. We invite you to listen to this engaging conversation and discover the insights that drive Redda Group's mission to empower organizations and individuals to reach their full potential. The episode is available here:

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